Anna police worked yet another fatal accident, the second one in less than two weeks, on State Highway 121 near FM 455 on the afternoon of June 6.

April Dawn Kenney, of Soper, Okla., died in a three-car crash when her Dodge Durango drifted into the southbound lane in heavy rain. The Durango hit a box truck going north, causing Kenney’s SUV to spin and hit a northbound Chevrolet Tahoe, according to Anna Police Sgt. Jeff Caponera.

Kenney, who was returning home to Oklahoma after taking her military husband to DFW airport for overseas deployment, died at the scene. Her 9-year-old daughter was hospitalized with minor injuries. The Tahoe driver was taken to Medical Center of Plano with non-life threatening injuries, said Caponera. His two children in the SUV were not injured but were also taken to the hospital.

The driver of the box truck was treated at the scene.

There have been 10 fatal crashes in this area in four years and has increasingly been a source of concern for Anna police officers and emergency response personnel.

"Anytime we get a call out there on an accident we hope for the best but know it’s not going to be the best picture when we get there," said Caponera.

On that note, Caponera urged drivers to slow down, pay attention, stay off their phones and watch for other drivers.

"You may be safe, but there may be that one that’s not," Caponera said. "The next time someone wants to pass in a no-passing zone or speed, it could be your son or daughter that we would be telling that you’re dead.

"It was the hardest thing in my career to tell a 9-year-old girl that her mother was dead," added Caponera.