On August 1, a new chapter will be opened in the outreach efforts of First Baptist Church in Anna, better known to the community as First Anna. David’s Heart Recovery Ministry will offer weekly, Christ-centered support/recovery meetings to those in the area who struggle with addictions of many kinds, not just drugs and alcohol.

"We have known about the issues with all types of addictions in our community for a long time, but needed someone to take the reins and start such a ministry," said First Anna Pastor Zach Williams.

First Anna member Bryan Hogan will spearhead the recovery efforts and facilitate the meetings, which are to be held on Thursday nights at 7 p.m. in the First Anna Groups Building.

"I had approached Pastor Zach about this ministry approximately a month ago over lunch and he was totally on board with the idea," explained Hogan. "I am a recovering addict with over six years clean, and having re-dedicated my life to Christ I felt called to offer the hope and help I received in my recovery to our church and community.

"David’s Heart will not discriminate or judge," added Hogan. "If you are at all familiar with the story of King David in the Bible, he was a murderer and adulterer, but God changed his life and called David a man after His own heart. That’s what we are trying to accomplish here. Making people understand that they are not too far gone or hopeless; they are simply addicted to something and that can be changed with the grace and mercy of a God who loves each and every one of us." , "David’s Heart conincides with the heart of our church, which is also seen in Anna’s House — we want to help those in need," said Williams. "Our desire at First Anna is for you to see one doesn’t have to be perfect to belong but that we are welcoming and open to everyone regardless of their past or present mistakes. If God can use an adulterer and murderer as we see in the life of David and call him a man after God’s own heart, he can use someone from the Anna, Melissa, Van Alstyne area and help them overcome their addictions and setbacks and thrive as well."

David’s Heart ministry is an outreach that is focused on helping people who are addicted heal with practical, Christ-centered application in their lives. The support staff realizes, however, that there are families who are in need of support. If you or anyone else you know might be willing to lead a support group for the families of addicts please contact the offices of First Anna at 972-924-5433 or email fawnda@firstanna.org.