Anna city council Place 6 seat, vacant for more than three months, has been filled.

In the July 20 special run-off, Dick Dowd was elected to city council, defeating Tiffany Burleson. Dowd received 41 votes to Burleson’s 33 votes.

Dowd will be sworn in at council’s regular meeting on August 13.

"The city charter states that candidates are to be sworn in at the first regular meeting following the election. We will canvass the election results at our July 30 special council meeting, and Dowd will be sworn in on August 13," explained Anna City Secretary Natha Wilkison.

"I was very pleased to see that the public utilized their right to vote in this election. It would appear as if the seniors and veterans came out to vote," Dowd said on Monday. "My sincere thanks to each and every one of you who voted. The main objective was to get you out to vote."

Dowd and Burleson were the two top vote-getters in the June 15 special election, which had four candidates on the ballot. But since neither Dowd nor Burleson pulled a majority of votes as required by the city charter, a run-off election was forced.

Council’s Place 6 seat has been vacant since April 9 when council member Becky Glover resigned giving up her seat due to employment reasons that required her to relocate to Vancouver, Wash.