Packed stands, funny dress-up days, and colossal mums all point to the single-most spirited week in high school: homecoming. At Anna High School, the annual theatrics were expressed through the theme of "Coyotes Go Hollywood" in a series of three dress-up days: Animation Domination, Make ‘Em See Stars, and Purple Reign.

On Friday, the ringing of tiny bells and the rustling of ribbons echoed throughout the campus all day. The girls lived up to the stereotype of everything’s bigger in Texas with mums that both touched the ground and were the width of their

bodies and dates whose garters covered their entire arms.

Returning alumni were one of the highlights of the week. Students were excited to see their former classmates and catch up on how college life was treating them and reminiscing on past times together. Whoops and hollers from full home stands filled the air at the football game on Friday night.

Prior to the game, the Homecoming Court and underclassmen princes and princesses were recognized. The honor of Homecoming royalty went to freshmen Steven Lee and Taylor Hellums, sophomores Gage Scribner and Madeline Hector and juniors Taylor Lawrence and Molley Lisner.

The senior court members were Jeremy Gee, Jake Gililland, Hunter Green, Jesse Vasquez, Kate Hunt, Tessa Hutto, Asia Lard, and Taylor Morrow.

On Thursday, the student body elected Jake Gililland and Asia Lard as their king and queen, and they were crowned in the pre-game presentation.