To celebrate the International Day of Peace students at Anna’s J.K. Bryant Elementary school took part in a couple of unique projects.

The International Day of Peace, celebrated on Sept. 21 each year, recognizes the efforts of those who have worked hard to end conflicts and promote peace. People around the world participate in various activities and organize events centered on the theme "peace."

"We had the Peace Crane Project followed by Chalk4Peace," explained Bryant art teacher Lorren Nixon, who coordinated the event at which every student, at least for the day, evolved into a budding artist.

The Peace Cranes is a concept promoting peace within and among our schools, homes and communities. A piece of paper is cut into a perfect square and words of peace are written on one side with a drawing symbolizing peace on the other side. Then it is folded into an origami crane (Origami being the Japanese art of paper folding to make complicated shapes.)

"Our goal was to make 1,000 origami cranes," said Nixon. "And we topped that goal!"

The students’ handiwork is on display in a case in the school’s main hallway.

Chalk4Peace, a national art project, is in its eight year of encouraging messages and visions of peace. This is where the students really had a free hand to display their creativity; by the end of the day virtually every square foot of concrete surrounding the school was covered with elaborate, colorful drawings and inspiring messages.

Peace Day at Bryant was not only a day of fun, smiles and laughter, but also one of serious, touching and meaningful messages.