Anna Police shut down a marijuana drug operation in the 1000 block of Melbourne in the West Crossing subdivision on Sept. 26, pulling in weeks of investigative work in a collaborative effort with the Van Alstyne Police Department.

"We compiled some intelligence information on the marijuana operation working with the Van Alstyne Police," said Anna Police Sgt. Jeff Caponera.

A search warrant was obtained and "we found 64 marijuana plants at the home at various stages of cultivation, from seedlings all the way to full developed plants," said Caponera. "This was not the biggest grow I have seen, but it was pretty substantial."

A husband and wife at the home were arrested on unrelated traffic violations.

"The man admitted that the marijuana was not for personal use, but to sell to adults and teenagers," said Caponera.

The couples names have not been released pending additional charges which may include child endangerment charges since there were three children ages 13, 3 and 2 living in the home. The couple’s children have now been placed with other family members.

"The marijuana is currently being dried out, and once weighed, we will be able to determine the street value - which could go anywhere between $2,000 to $200,000 - and the exact charges that will be filed," said Caponera. "The drug operation has apparently been going on for over a year."

APD Notes:

On the same day as the drug bust, officers responded to the Coyote Den regarding a vehicle burglary. The victim ran into the store leaving the vehicle unlocked with an i-Pad, which was stolen, on the dashboard.

"The victim said she didn’t expect this in a small town," said Caponera.

On Monday, Sept. 23, officers were dispatched to the 1400 block of Oak Hollow Lane where the victim’s vehicle parked on the street was struck by a hit and run driver.

"The only clue we have is that it was hit by a black vehicle," said Caponera.

On Sunday, Sept. 22, officers responded to a single vehicle accident on FM 2862 near CR 476 where the driver left the roadway and crashed a car into a line of trees. The car then caught on fire, and the driver fled the scene on foot but was apprehended and transported to an area hospital. Her name has not been released pending DWI charges.