The weekend storm that hit the city on Dec. 6 played havoc with traffic, not only on U.S. 75 but also on city streets on Saturday, Sunday and Monday, keeping Anna Police officers on high alert.

"We had over 20 accidents and we responded only to those that involved injuries or alcohol," said Anna Police Sgt. Jeff Caponera. "The truck stops were a nightmare for us. We wound up with over 300 trucks in the city, not only due to hazardous driving conditions, but also because the truck stops ran out of fuel."

Thankfully, by mid-week the situation was slowly returning to normal.

On Tuesday, Dec. 10, officers arrested two juveniles at a construction site in Oak Hollow where construction equipment was damaged.

"They will be charged with criminal mischief and other related charges," said Caponera.

On Monday, Dec. 9, officers responded to a burglary alarm in the 300 block of Mill Street. A television and a number of other electronic items were taken. The case is under investigation.