A landmark business in Anna is under new ownership as Mark Elliott and Paul Elliott, father and son, became the new owners of Anna Grain & Country store in March.

Anna Grain has been in business, in one form or another, since 1948. And the two main buildings, military-style Quonset huts, original structures on the property, were built in the 1940s just after World War II.

With a new name, Anna Grain Farm Store offers "livestock feed and supplies, hay, lawn and garden products, grass seeds, fertilizer, Texas Pure soil and mulch and fence supplies," pointed out Paul Elliott. And then there’s also athletic marker dust, local honey and soon they will be handling hardware and plumbing supplies. And of course, visible from N. Powell Parkway, are the 90-unit self-storage facility and the authorized U-Haul dealership.

While the business has essentially been known as a feed store, the new owners are planning for a number of gradual changes.

"We hope to become a garden center and a hardware and plumbing supplier," explained Paul Elliott. "We want to be a local hot spot where the community can come any time of the year for their seasonal needs. This means catering to the everyday customer looking for anything from soil and vegetable plants to firewood and fence posts."They want to work with city, schools, youth organizations and local businesses to provide them the products they need without having to leave town. "And some day we sure would like to bring a farmers market to town," he added.

"I’d like to reiterate how important working with the community is to us. We realize that in this day and age with so many box store options to choose from, that a business like ours has to offer something more," said Paul Elliott. "In some cases we can’t offer lower prices but we can offer convenience and kinship with our customers that they can’t get elsewhere."