City Limits

Since a state representative from Arlington has inserted himself into the clapping controversy at Amarillo City Council by penning a related letter to Amarillo Mayor Ginger Nelson, it is appropriate to offer the following comment on a YouTube video featuring the lawmaker.

The link to the video is

It has the title "Tony Tinderholt Disrupts Arlington City Council For Open Carry Tarrant County." The video appears to be from 2014.

Why point out this video? Because Amarillo residents need to ask themselves if they want their city council meetings to resemble an episode of "Jerry Springer" - with people yelling and blurting out comments and interrupting each other.

It is interesting that the Texas Legislature, where this lawmaker serves, does not allow such shenanigans and outbursts by the public.

Why should city government?

A Vote For The Ages

The Washington Post recently supported lowering the voting age to 16, at least in the District of Columbia, if not nationwide.

In its editorial, the Washington Post cited "the thoughtful and influential activism of young people following February's mass school shooting in Parkland, Florida" as a reason for lowering the age to vote.

It remains to be seen what this "influential activism" will mean.

Is this a brief, headline-grabbing event that will fade - as do many "revolutions" conducted primarily on social media?

There is no pressing need to change the age requirement for voting.

If this "influential activism" was related to a conservative viewpoint rather than a liberal viewpoint (such as shredding the Second Amendment), it is doubtful many media outlets would take such a stance.

Mission Statement

President Donald Trump deserves the benefit of the doubt, at least when it comes to recent tweet about an air strike on three targets in Syria.

Trump tweeted "Mission Accomplished" in reference to the strike, which was in response to an alleged chemical weapons attack.

While some compared the president's tweet to the ill-fated "Mission Accomplished" theme of former President George W. Bush regarding the war in Iraq - a war that has never really ended - it is apparent the president was referring to the air strike.

He was not making a statement about the ongoing military, social and governmental crisis in Syria.

Many times, the president seems to tweet without much thought about how his tweet will be received - and at times jumping on the president for his tweets is justified.

However, in this case, it is highly unlikely the president is under the impression that the aforementioned air strike is all that is required to accomplish whatever the mission might be in war-torn and ravaged Syria.