Editor’s note: This is the second part in a series of articles by local writer Margaret O’Malley.

The final recipe for the “Best Christmas Recipes” series is a most essential, wholesome dessert. Surprisingly, this kind of cake needs a certain kind of leavening — and time — to rise.

Friendship spice crumble

1 cup each loyalty, faithfulness, and steadfastness

Truth, trust, and discernment, mixed well and measured to ½ cup

Heaping Tablespoon of respect

1 Tablespoon optimism

2 teaspoons concern

Pinch of leavening (Time works especially well)

Love, for dusting the finished crumble

Sweetened, dried empathy, chopped finely

Spice with listening and sacrifice

Combine respect, optimism, concern, and time. Set aside until frothy. In a separate bowl, add the mixtures of truth, trust, and discernment, and of loyalty, faithfulness, and steadfastness. Slowly pour in the leavening mixture. Fold in the sweetened dried empathy and spice heavily with listening and sacrifice. Grease a cake pan with softened grace and pour in the batter.

Heat a large oven with compassion. Let the cake rise, but never leave it unattended. Do not bake the cake, but keep the oven warm and ready. This cake takes patience to rise. Do not bake it in anger or jealousy, and do not bake it prematurely or else it’ll be bitter. Cover it with selflessness. Never leave it alone or forget about it, and if you sprinkle it with the right amount of love, in time it’ll be so sweet. Serve carefully and gratefully.

Note: Not all cakes will rise. Many will fall flat in the first stages of rising, but a true Friendship Spice Crumble will rise to be sweet. Package it in prayer, and give it to any others who have been waiting just as long as you have for it to rise. This cake also tastes especially good with family.

Margaret is an aspiring local writer who wants to bring the values of the past into the life of the present. You can reach her for feedback by emailing sospower@outlook.com.