Staff report

Melissa city officials advise residents not to be alarmed if their water tastes or smells slightly different next month.

Each year around this time, the North Texas Municipal Water District (NTMWD) conducts annual maintenance intended to keep the water flowing clean.

This year’s testing will take place March 2-30.

People with heightened senses are most likely to detect the difference. During the testing period, chlorine is the only chemical added to kill bacteria and oxidize contaminants. Normally, it is combined with ammonia to create combined chlorine, or chloramines. This provides a longer-lasting water treatment as water moves through the system to consumers.

The purity of the water will remain unchanged during the maintenance period.

“The NTMWD conducts their testing every year in the cooler months,” Melissa Public Works Director Jeff Cartwright said. “Here in Melissa, the effect may not be as pronounced as in other communities served by the water supplier. That’s because we blend water from the district with water from the former Country Ridge Water System.”

Like many surrounding cities, Melissa purchases most of its water from NTMWD. However, blending it with well water that serves the County Ridge Water system helps mitigate changes in taste and smell.

“At the end of the month-long chlorine maintenance period, the taste and smell will return to normal,” Cartwright said.

In order to ensure water safety, NTMWD conducts hundreds of daily tests in a state-certified laboratory.

All monthly and annual quality reports conducted by NTMWD, including those taken during the annual system maintenance, are posted online. The public can view this information by going to