By Joshua Baethge

For the Anna-Melissa Tribune

MELISSA - Last week, the city of Melissa unveiled a new online tool designed to help anyone looking to learn more about the city.

The Community Profile Dashboard allows users to take a quick peek at what’s going on, or a deep dive into a wide array of facts, figures,

maps and other matrices.

“The Dashboard is an invaluable tool for anyone wishing to learn more about virtually any aspect of growth and development in Melissa,” City Manager Jason Little said. “With a few clicks, real estate brokers, builders, developers, commercial real estate professionals, corporate relocation experts and other interested parties can obtain critical information on available sites for construction and development as well as those commercial and residential developments that are already underway.”

This is the first time the city has attempted to coordinate a public database of this magnitude.

Management Intern Logan Thatcher began working on the project last July.

His marching orders were to work with Little and Development and Neighborhood Services Director Tyler Brewer and serve as a liaison between them and other parties involved.

Thatcher helped compile and organize information with the dual goals of creating a site that provides useful information and serves as something of a marketing tool.

Residents can visit to see the latest happenings while developers can learn about why Melissa may be the next best place for them to do business.

“We constantly get calls about all this type of stuff,” Thatcher said. “Because we now have this site, we can mitigate better and not take as much time. It’s an organized database and I think people are going to give positive feedback.”

One thing people always seem to ask is what’s being built around the corner or across the street. Thanks to the Dashboard, they now have a 3D map that shows both the latest residential and commercial developments.

Other maps include those of the city’s parks, trails and infrastructure. There’s also information about residential patterns, zoning boundaries and even videos about certain planned and proposed commercial developments.

“The Dashboard is a work in progress, and we’ll continue to work on it, update it, refine it, and make it more useful,” Little said. “While it has a generous amount of information, we’ll continue to populate it with different levels of data and documents that can help people make important decisions. We’re committed to continually evolving the instrument.”

The Community Dashboard can be accessed by going to and clicking on the Melissa Community Profile Link.