By Joshua Baethge

For the Anna-Melissa Tribune

On Tuesday, the Melissa City Council unanimously voted to continue its juvenile curfew.

The ordinance prohibits minors from being out between 11 p.m. and 6 a.m. on weeknights, and between midnight and 6 a.m. on weekends.

The city is required by law to review the ordinance, conduct public hearings and reapprove or abolish the statute every three years.

Some say that juvenile curfews are not always enforced fairly and can have negative effects on otherwise law-abiding teenagers.However, law enforcement officials usually consider it a good tool to combat kids that are up to no good.

Curfews are also generally popular with the public. In fact, not a single person in attendance at the Melissa City Council spoke out against it during a brief public hearing on the issue.

Violators, as well as their parents and businesses that knowingly allow minors to remain after hours, are subject to a fine of up to $500 for each offense. Exceptions are made for emergency situations, traveling to and from work, or if the minor is accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Minors may also be exempt from the ordinance if they are participating in school or religious activities, or adult-supervised activities sponsored by the city.

Also during the meeting, council members approved the voluntary annexation of 10 acres of land at the southeast corner of Milrany Lane and Karnaghan Lane. The property, owned by Stanley D. Viles and Deborah J. Viles, includes a house and barn and two other smaller structures.

Also unanimously approved were two resolutions related to Melissa Road east of U.S. Highway 75. One authorized the city to enanct an impact fee agreement with Melissa Joint Venture, which owns a significant portion the land on the south side of the road between US 75 and the Trinity River.

The other resolution was a similar agreement with Hunter Melissa Retail, LP, which owns much of the north side of the same stretch of road.

City Manager Jason Little said the city expects roadwork to commence in the spring on the section that leads into the Trinity Falls.