Earlier this year, the Anna City Council approved Police Chief Jeff Caponera’s bid to bring in a K-9 officer. On March 13, Caponera was able to see his dream come to fruition when he was able to swear in Anna’s very first K-9 officer, Ninja.

The K-9 officer has been steadily earning his doggy treats and taking drugs off of the streets. In the months since being sworn in as an officer, Ninja has been busy. He has been on 16 deployments with 11 positive alerts. Out of those 11 alerts, illegal drugs were found in eight of the cases.

Between the unwavering attention of Ninja, and the care of his partner/handler, officer Cory Goodman, Anna officers have a list of drug busts under their belts. On July 1, their traffic stop resulted in a heroin bust. On July 4, Ninja sniffed out a stash of meth. On Aug. 1, Ninja and Goodman were extra busy, and had two traffic stops that resulted in marijuana in a Drug-free Zone, and another bust of marijuana.

On Aug. 20, Ninja located more marijuana, and on Aug. 24, the officers were busy again, as they recovered heroin and meth from one traffic stop, and THC oil from another.