Realtors and local homebuilders got some insight into the projected growth of the Anna Independent School District last week.

Anna ISD Superintendent Michael Comeaux led the Growning Together luncheon for Realtors and homebuilders at the Anna High School Library. Comeaux showed great pride when discussing the growth of the schools, which he said he expects to triple in size over the next three years.

Anna ISD's campuses have grown from 1,400 to 4,000 students in the past few years alone. The future goal of Anna ISD is to have 16 elementary schools that will funnel into eight middle schools and those will funnel into four high schools, though Comeaux noted planning of schools does take a couple of years.

Anna ISD is one of the few districts to have a focus on mental health with an actual Mental Health Department for students. It recently put in place a new program called Thrive that is designed to help students have better mental, social and emotional health. Thrive will help do research and track the benefits of putting mental health as a priority for students.

In the past year. Comeaux said he has seen every school in the district improve — closing learning gaps and going from a C (78/100) grade on the state accountability ratings to a B (87/100) grade.

Anna ISD also boasts a focus in the arts, athletic teams and a makerspace for students. The high school has 11 programs of study out of 15 in the U.S. that allow high school students to not only earn dual credit from Collin College but also allows them to earn certifications and join the workforce immediately out of high school. Students can also earn experience in prospective career fields before leaving school.

Comeaux said he believes the school system has the biggest impact on the success of a community. He stated the more you put into the education of the children, the more likely they are to come back and put that into the community versus going to college and moving away. With the actions he has put into place for the children, Comeaux said he expects Anna will continue to rise in growth and economic strength.