Eleven teachers at Melissa schools have earned their first Apple Teacher Badge as part of the Everyone Can Code pilot program.

Coding is a form of computer programming that builds students’ skills in the areas of logical thinking, sequencing and design, in addition to helping students strengthen their ability to stick to a task until it is complete. The Melissa Independent School District is piloting Apple’s Everyone Can Code program for Kindergarten through 12th grade students.

In the program, students learn to code in a way that is fun and integrated into their core thinking skills.

“We had so much fun doing our very first coding lesson,” Melissa Elementary School teacher Rachel Bardach said in a recent tweet. “We learned how to sequence our commands to reach our final goal. No matter how hard it was, we never gave up and kept on trying. We can’t wait to see what we are learning next week!”

In addition to Bardach, Melissa Elementary teacher Shawna Nicholson also has students learning coding basics using iPads at school. Nicholson tweeted that when the students started coding, they talked about “having grit and never giving up.”

Teacher participants in the pilot program also include Gabriela Axworth, Doug Bingman, Hillary Croissant, Josie Figard, Chesnee Ozols, Michael Simpson, Tanya Thornburg, Audrey Wilson and Samantha Yarbrough.

The Melissa ISD teachers completed their initial training in August, led by Apple representative Maria Henderson.