In December 2017, the Anna City Council voted to demolish the Sherley Park baseball field to make room for a historical train depot. There were many residents who stood and spoke out against the new train depot/museum. However, as of last weekend, the train to the new Anna has not been derailed.

Many volunteers and Anna residents, along with Play By Design, built a brand new playground at the Sherley Heritage Park grounds. The playground, which looks like a train, fits the theme of the new museum site.

It took volunteers six days to erect the park. The park currently is not ready for the pitter patter of children’s feet as the site is still being finished up. The city is asking residents to refrain from playing on it until the big equipment is moved off, and the mulch is finished.

“We thank you for coming out and being part of a truly unique, community building experience that helped create a fun, one-of-a-kind playground that celebrates our past and creates an active space for our future,” Anna officials said on the city Facebook page. “Thank you to all our neighbors who used this platform daily to celebrate this project and to cheer on our volunteers; the comments and posts supporting the playground all went noticed. Though the playground is complete, the park is still considered at this moment to be a construction site, so we ask that you and your children refrain from using it until our Parks crew is finished mulching the area, moving out the heavy equipment, and allowing our contractors working on the pavilion to complete their work.”

The social media post said the city plans to notify the public, through Facebook and other media, when the playground is formally opened.

Many residents gave kudos on Facebook to the volunteers and the city. Carol Suggs said she “can’t wait to head out there and do some photographing.”

Ken Snow added, “Thank you! Our kids will be visiting it a lot! A great gift for our neighborhood.”