The city of Anna hosted its annual fireworks celebration last week on Independence Day.

The event drew in residents and visitors with a live performance from the White Street Band and a dazzling show of fireworks set to music. Cars filled the parking lot around Anna Coyotes Football Stadium and attendees filled the stands to watch the show.

At 9:15 p.m., Anna Mayor Nate Pike gave an invocation and then Troop 293 went to the field to present the nation’s colors, while Haley Cain sang the National Anthem. Special guest DEA agent Henry Biddle presented local officials with a flag that was flown over Kabul, Afghanistan, during Flag Day 2014.

Young and old alike watched the fizzle of fireworks with big smiles on their faces. The band preformed during the light show. There was an estimated of 1,500 people in the stadium, and about 1,000 more in vehicles around the venue to watch the show.

“We had a wonderful time celebrating our Independence Day with the community during our City of Anna 4th of July Fireworks Show,” Greater Anna Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Kevin Hall said. “Volunteers included our Board of Directors, Ambassador Team and the local Boy Scouts/Cub Scouts. This celebration would not be possible without out the support of our Planning and Development Department, City Council and City Manager.”

Jessica Mench, of Anna, said she appreciates how the event was close to home and great for children, so she definitely plans to attend again, based off of her experience at the recent event.

Lynette Myer is a resident of Illinois who was visiting family for the weekend, and even as a Chicago native, she was impressed by the fireworks show.

“It’s way better on the stands, not as many bugs,” she said. “The band was very lively and I enjoyed how the colors of the fireworks were all at once instead of one-by-one. The music put to the fireworks was a really nice touch.”

Avery and Heaven Hernandez also came out to see the fireworks and celebrate the Fourth of July. Avery Hernandez said this was their third time coming out, and she enjoyed the band that played before the fireworks. Bridget Isaboke, of Melissa, said she wished the music was a little more energetic to suit her tastes, but the biggest reason she chose to attend the Anna fireworks was because it was located close to home.

Connie Grace-Lake, Judy Bowers and Maree Dalton said they had a fun night out at the event. When asked what the most driving factor was that brought them to the event, Grace-Lake joked, “my car!” She added the fireworks were a great event for friends who want to have fun and celebrate the Fourth of July.

“You can’t stay at home on the fourth,” she said, noting this was her first year at the Anna fireworks display.

The free fireworks show was sponsored by the Anna Community Development Corporation.