The practice of yoga has been a major part of cultures dating back to the 15th century, where it started in Indian cultures. Namaste Fit, which recently joined the Greater Anna Chamber of Commerce started in September 2017 in the home of owner Josh Greathouse.

Greathouse hosted classes from there for almost two years, while searching for the perfect location. The prospective location needed to be a good size, as most of the classes could run about 20-25 students on a nightly basis, which is what led him to the business’ new location at 811 Interurban St., unit B.

Kevin Hall, executive director for the GACC, Kevin Hall, said he is excited for what the new business has to offer the city of Anna.

“We are excited to have Namaste Fit join our Greater of Anna Chamber,” Hall said. “Our chamber is here to support businesses of all sizes. It has been a pleasure working with Josh to celebrate his membership with their ribbon-cutting ceremony.”

Jody Foster, one Namaste Fit’s students, is a chamber member herself. Foster has been a student since day one of the business opening two years ago and she attends classes at least twice a week. When Foster first started, she was struggling with mobility, due to degenerative arthritis and frozen shoulder syndrome. She recently sang the praises of the yoga class and claimed that within a month, she was able to avoid having surgery on her shoulder.

“Josh has helped greatly with my mobility and strength,” Foster said, adding she even made a trip to Hawaii shortly after she started yoga and was able to keep up with her grandchildren. “He tailors the classes to the person.”

Historically speaking, Yoga is one of six doctrinal institutions of Hindu philosophical traditions, while the current designation “yoga” in the Western world is often a description for a modern form of Hatha yoga, consisting largely of the postures called asanas. It is used in modern day life as a stress reliever and injury prevention.