Article by Megan Murphy

The temperature is increasing and the children are antsy. What to do? Where to go?

The Anna splash pad, in Slayter Creek Park, may be just what you’re looking for. Several local residents cooled off at the splash pad near Anna Middle School on Friday. Anna resident Kimberly Cornelius says that the Anna splash pad is a great place to come with the kids. She plans to come a couple times a week and enjoys the breeze that blows through where the parents sit. Cornelius mentions she is happy that all the water features are in full operation.

“This gives us something to do in Anna,” notes Jennifer Perkins, of Anna. “It’s a good place to cool off, close to home, and a fun place to bring friends. The trees for shade are a bonus, but I wish there were more!”

Howe resident Krystal Nutt wishes there was more dry area for the adults to relax in, but she is very thankful for the splash pad. “It’s not like this in Howe!” Also, she adds the covered playground being so close to the splash pad is convenient, for the children to dry off as they play. Jessica Clark of Anna thinks the best feature of the splash pad is that it’s big, so the mothers can have full sight of their children at play. She plans to come back once a week.

The Anna splash pad has multiple colorful water features that are exciting for children to cool off with. Amber Springer, of Anna’s Planning & Development, agreed that the splash pad is becoming busier in the hot summer months as the Anna developments continue to grow.

The splash pad is a perfect place to bring the kids to cool off and relax. Bring a picnic, and you will find an enjoyable local outing.