For most people, birthdays are just a milestone celebrated by all ages around the world. Some birthdays may be considered more special than others, such as a female reaching her 16th, but Georgia Mosier recently celebrated her 100th birthday.

Mosier has lived in Anna for at least 80 of those years. She is originally from Corsicana and has eight brothers and sisters. Her oldest brother will be celebrating his 98th birthday soon. She recently celebrated her birthday with five generations of family. She shared a birthday with her younger sister, with exactly five years between them.

Mosier was married for 49 years, losing her husband only a few months away from their 50th anniversary. They had three children together, with only one still living. Mosier has eight grandchildren, 14 great grand-children, and three great-great-grandchildren.

She is also a devoted member of the Anna Methodist Church, worshiping there for 80 years. For her 100th birthday, the church set up a sign in her honor. Also, Anna Methodist allowed her grandson to lead a sermon in her honor the Sunday after her party.

Mosier’s granddaughter Deanna Doyle attended the celebration and helped plan the party. Doyle said she is thankful for the time she has with her grandmother.

“It’s great to still have her around and being here with us,” Doyle said. “She is very loved by the community. She even helped raised most of the community in Anna.”

There were many people at the church to celebrate Mosier’s milestone birthday party. Family, friends and community members showed up to help honor her. There was a small tree set up to donate money to the birthday girl and not a spot was empty. The community’s generosity towards her was clearly shown at her party.

Mosier had some advice on life for those wanting to reach the same milestone.

“Just work hard and live your life well,” she said.

She also said she felt going to church and doing one’s work could extend the quality and quantity of life.