The Texas Department of Transportation will give a presentation on its feasibility study for improvements to U.S. Highway 380 at the Russell A. Steindam Court Building in McKinney on May 6.

The purpose of the study is to analyze potential roadway alternatives, including the existing alignment and new alignments, for Hwy. 380 through Collin County from the Denton County line to the Hunt County line. A recommended alignment will be presented at the meeting. Additional right of way will be required to accommodate the approximately 32 mile project.

The population of Collin County is projected to grow from the just under 800,000 people counted in the 2010 Census to over 3.8 million people in 2050, according to the Texas Demographic Center.

More and more land in the county is being preserved for developments. The study team is working with Collin County and cities in the study area to identify land which has been purchased and right of way that is preserved for existing or future planned residential or commercial development. As the county’s population grows, the options to build a new roadway or expand the existing Hwy. 380 become more limited and potential impacts to residential and commercial developments increase. The feasibility study will identify a roadway alignment or alignments to serve as a blueprint for city staff to begin preserving land now.

There are many steps that must be completed after this project before construction could begin, such as a more in-depth environmental analysis and public involvement, schematic design, right-of-way mapping and detailed roadway design.

The May 6 meeting in McKinney, located at 2100 Bloomdale Road, and another meeting on May 9 meeting at Rogers Middle School at 1001 Coit Road in Prosper, located, will be held in an open house format with a formal presentation beginning at 6 p.m. Study data and maps will be available for viewing at the public meetings. Representatives from TxDOT and project consultants will be available to answer questions. Meeting information will also be available at Comments must be received on or before May 24 to be a part of the official record.

A cost estimate will be created once an alignment for the project is selected.