Anna Mayor Nate Pike held a public address on March 19. The State of the City was a chance for Pike to inform the public on milestones the city has reached and the future the city is facing. Pike opened the meeting by explaining to the citizens that Anna is an at-large, home rule city. He also told the attendees that the city council is strictly a volunteer basis, they do not get paid to sit on city council.

Pike then introduced Ryan Henderson, that assistant to the city manager, to the city. There have also been other team members added, Pike said. “Since January, the city has added five to the team.”

Last year was a year of innovation for the city of Anna. The Anna Police Department added a K9 unit in 2018, and Police Chief Caponera swore in the first Anna K9 police dog, Ninja.

As reported by the Anna Melissa Tribune in 2017, the city entered into an agreement with Enterprise Fleet Management, and adopted the agenda item last year. The Foster Line Waterline Project was also started in 2018.

Pike informed the guests that Anna received the accolades of being named the eighth safest city in Texas by With a population of over 12,000, the violent crime rate is thirty nine percent per 1,000 people.

Once Pike filled everybody in on what occurred in Anna last year, he wowed the attendees with the plans for the future of Anna. “The future comes quick,” Pike told the eager listeners.

Pike updated everybody on the progress on the Anna Depot. It is projected to be a full city park by the end of the summer, while preserving the history of Anna. Pike also mentioned the possibility of a playscape in the city - a playful landscape for all city goers to enjoy.

Many residents were happy to hear that the Natural Springs Park is slated to have a dog park added for families with canines.

The Villages of Hurricane Creek is projected to begin the first phase this year. It is a new subdivision going up on the west side of US Highway 75 near near Hurricane Creek Country Club. The new neighborhood will be a 654 unit subdivision with larger lots and homes starting at $330,000.

For any motorist who lives in Anna, or just passes through, the US Highway 75 corridor can be a complete nightmare. The construction makes it difficult for motorists to navigate through the corridor, and subsequent roads exiting off of the highway. Pike told residents that TxDOT will soon add red lights to ease the traffic problems.

The traffic signals that are currently under design are located on State Highway 5 at Finley, State Highway 5 at the Collin County Outer Loop, FM 455 at Throckmorton, and US Highway 75 at FM 455.

The areas that Pike and city council members requested for traffic signals to be added are State Highway 5 at Hackberry, State Highway 5 at Rosamond, State Highway 5 at County Road 376 and 371, and State Highway 5 at FM 2862.

Anna is exploding with new residents on a exponential level. There is multiple construction all over the city. Pike announced that Anna will be getting various businesses. There will be a free standing emergency room by the water storage tank. It is projected to create over 1,500 new jobs and millions of dollars in taxable sales.

For the past few years, many people had hinted that there was going to be a Whataburger erected over by Walmart. Now, it is no longer a rumor. Pike announced that area will be getting a Whataburger, Chick-fil-A, and a Starbucks.

There will also be a Holiday Inn Express built behind Walmart. It will be a 93 room hotel, and create over 25 jobs. The projected date to begin construction is the end of 2019.

The city has been abuzz over the possibility of a new City Hall Municipal Complex. Pike announced that construction will start soon. He told residents to rest easy because the new Municipal Complex will not mean their taxes will increase. “We have 30 million set aside for the project.”

Pike ended the public address by inviting residents to get involved in the various city committees. “We have the Neighborhood Design Advisory Board, the Community Development Corporation, the Economic Development Corporation, the Board of Adjustment, the Parks and Advisory Board and the Planning and Zoning Commission.”