Anna officials recently released new images of the city’s planned municipal complex.

The 50,000-square-foot facility, which will fill an entire city block, will feature a new fire station and a combined City Hall and Police Headquarters, along with the necessary parking for those departments. The city hall image used in last week’s Anna-Melissa Tribune was an old, rejected concept image.

“The facility will be located to the east of Powell Parkway between West 5th and West 7th streets and will house all City Departments, the Police Department, and Central Fire Station,” city officials said in a Facebook post. “Construction for the complex is estimated to commence this fall with an estimated completion timeframe of late 2020. The total project cost is estimated at $25 million.”

Construction on the municipal complex is expected to start this summer and last approximately 16 months. City Hall will fill the majority — 36,184 square feet — of the complex, with the fire station expected to fill 14,800 square feet and the police station being approximately 7,100 square feet.

In a press release announcing the city’s plans, Anna officials said landscaping at the municipal complex will feature a “park-like setting.”

The free-standing fire station will be on the northwest end of the complex allowing easy access to South Powell Parkway and Fifth Street. The station will have a four-truck double drive-through bay that will be capable of accommodating the city’s emergency vehicles and storage. Training, meeting, exercise, sleeping and living quarters will also be included.

The combined City Hall and police station building will be two floors, with the first floor’s west side housing the council chambers, utility billing, municipal court, development services and various conference rooms. The east side of the first floor will be the police department, including offices, patrol, criminal investigators, conference rooms, evidence and storage spaces, locker rooms and other support facilities.

The building’s second floor will house the city manager’s office, finance, human resources, IT and the city secretary, as well as various meeting, training and conference rooms.

“This summer, the City Council will vote on a notice to proceed to be given to the Construction Manager at Risk,” the city said in its Facebook post.

The construction manager-at-risk for the project will be Lee Lewis Construction. Randall Scott Architects Inc. worked on the designs for the complex.

The main entrance to City Hall will be on the south side of the complex with an exterior design that includes fritted glass, anodized copper and brushed aluminum panels. That will be a theme throughout the structure’s exterior, and soft waterfalls and pools are planned to greet visitors on the building’s south and north ends. The north exterior will feature a fan-shaped facade with overlapping sheets of fritted glass covering the entire two-story council chambers, giving the building “a glass shard look,” the city’s press release said.