On February 27, Anna High School hosted it’s Spring Pep Rally. This pep rally was not a normal one since it is the last time that the seniors get to attend one.

The pep rally began with the fight song and cheer dance. This was followed by items being thrown into the crowd similar to a touchdown at a football game.

Following tradition, The Senior Cheerleaders were given a chance to choreograph and perform their last cheer dance in front of the audience.

Similar to other pep rallies, the Winter and Spring sports were announced: boys and girls basketball, boys and girls soccer, baseball, softball, powerlifting, tennis, boys and girls track, and golf.

The AHS Color Guard was also given a chance to perform their winter show for the students, faculty, families.

Also following tradition, the moms of senior athletes had a performance. They decided to do a skit instead of following along with the past of dances. Their skit was titled: “Thru the life of a Coyote,” and symbolized just that. They highlighted every big moment in their children’s lives.

This ranged from being born to going to kindergarten, freshman homecoming, senior prom, and finally graduation.

The pep rally ended just like any other of singing the school song, but this time the senior athletes were invited to gather on the court and sing it one last time before graduation.