The day of January 25 seemed to be just another ordinary day for the Melissa Fire Department. However, it would soon prove that it would not be so.

At approximately 3:30 p.m., the Melissa Fire Department was dispatched to an automobile accident. Three firefighters from Melissa, Captain Kelton Brewer, David Weimer and Tom McCoy, were joined by four from Anna to work the accident.

Brewer said the driver just happened to be a pizza delivery driver who was currently dispatched on delivery, and one of the firemen thought they ought to help out.

“David came up to me and said we should finish that delivery, it looks like there are two pizzas in there,” Brewer said. He noticed that the address was right around the corner and agreed with Weimer, Brewer stated.

That is when the firemen decided to take action. “I went to the back of the ambulance and asked the delivery driver if her workplace would be upset if we finished the delivery,” Brewer said.

The driver, who was receiving treatment, gave Brewer and his boys the go-ahead to deliver the pizza. Brewer said once the ambulance drove off, and the firemen finished up with the vehicle, they grabbed the delivery and headed to the house.

Brewer said it might seem odd to the resident as they approached the address. “I said to the crew that this is weird but interesting; a once in a career experience.”

The homeowner seemed perplexed when the crew rang the doorbell. “He had a surprised look on his face because all he saw was three firemen in bunker gear with some pizza boxes.”

Brewer asked the surprised homeowner if he had in fact ordered pizza, then informed him about the accident, and that they were just finishing the delivery for the driver.

The homeowner was “thankful and tickled by the situation,” Brewer said.

Brewer joked that once they handed off the pizzas to the rightful owner, they continued their shift, but they can now say they are “Firefighting pizza delivery men.”