On Saturday, January 12, the Anna Fire Department is hosting a Fire Engine “Push In” Ceremony. This timeless tradition dates all the way back to the horse-drawn fire engine times.

Before modern machinery, fire engines, ladder wagons and hose carts were pulled by hand. To place the fire equipment back into its resting place, firefighters were forced to push the equipment in by hand.

Even when the fire department began using horse-drawn steam engines, the fire personnel still had to back the engines in by hand because it was difficult to align the steam connections.

Of course, modern machinery came into play and invented self-propelled equipment, making the act of pushing the fire engines into each bay a moot point. Nevertheless, the fire service is steeped in tradition, and they prefer to pay homage to the past, and the past members.

Many fire stations use the ceremony to not only honor the centuries-old tradition, but they also use it to show unity within the fire station. Having a unified front helps keep the community at ease.

The Anna Fire Department is hosting their own “Push In” Celebration at the station. The department welcomes any and all community members to be a part of the time renowned tradition.

The ceremony will be at 11:00 a.m. at 305. South Powell Parkway. They will offer community members food and station tours. Come and make history with the fire department while celebrating a timeless tradition.