Anna Texas has a new gym for citizens to enjoy. The establishment opened its doors on December 12. The gym’s owner, John Waskow, said he chose Anna because it was the place to lay down roots for the budding business.

“We picked Anna for a couple of reasons,” Waskow said. “First was the community. It’s small but a fast growing community that’s positioned for a lot of growth in the future. It’s a new shopping center with an expanded road, lots of businesses around, so it’s a thriving area.”

“The demographics of Anna fit our model well,” Waskow continued. “It feels a lot like the market for my first club in Princeton, so duplicating that process and feel we’ll see the same response and success.”

Waskow said the new gym is geared up to be a welcoming, helpful place. “[Customers] can expect a clean, friendly environment with staff that is interested in helping our members get in the best shape of their lives. We have high-quality equipment, a lot of space, some great group programs, locker rooms, tanning, massage and more.”

The Workout Anytime seemed like an automatic home for Waskow, which is why he chose to join the Workout Anytime family. “Workout Anytime was a good fit with the culture of the company and my personality,” he said. “I clicked with the leadership of the corporate team when we met in person when I was considering becoming a franchisee with the brand.”

“My personal interest in health and fitness helped it to be a good match too,” he continued. “I was excited for the challenge and opportunity to be the first person to bring the brand to Texas. I signed for two locations when I signed on with Workout Anytime - I knew that one just wouldn’t be enough.”

Jimmy Mak works for the Workout Anytime Corporation and said he “handles everything from building the brand by selling the franchise to helping find the right franchisees and help educate them, then help with site selection to find the right locations. I also help in their training, getting them on-boarded, opened and then ongoing support.”

Mak said he sees major growth in the future for the brand. “Right now, we have seven clubs open and in operation,” Mak said. “We have three clubs in the works — either under construction or in presales — and we are looking for an additional eight locations for clubs that are already sold.”

“So we have a total of 18 clubs that will be open in the area eventually,” Mak continued. “We have incredible interest in the area and are continuing to receive outreach from folks who are interested in joining Workout Anytime by opening clubs. This has all happened in basically less than a year.”

Mak noted that Waskow embodies what makes a good Workout Anytime franchisee. He defined a good franchisee as “someone that has a true entrepreneurial spirit.”

“They need to be organized and it helps if they have a passion for the business,” Mak continued. “That can help to bring a lot of good, positive energy to the club. If they have a true passion for helping people improve their lives and live a healthier lifestyle, they’ll be a good owner.”

Mak said Waskow was the original Texas owner. “John is our number one owner in the fact that he opened the first club in the state of Texas. He was in the process of opening his Princeton location when I came onboard. So, he was our very first club owner in Texas.”

He said Waskow was a huge help to him. “He helped me since he is a great validator for the brand and the opportunity that exists in the area,” Mak said. “He has about 2600 active members in Princeton which is a smaller town. He has the ability to find great people to work at his Workout Anytime and he’s a passionate guy who really cares about people.”

Even though the gym is already a member of the Greater Anna Chamber of Commerce, they will hold a ribbon-cutting ceremony in February or March.