MELISSA — After breaking ground just off Highway 75 in Melissa in January, the new incoming Buc-ee’s gas station is set to open its doors on schedule early in 2019.

The expansive new gas station is expected to have over 98 fuel pumps and will provide over 200 new job opportunities to Melissa.

“Daily traffic is expected to have the same volume as the Buc-ee’s in Madisonville, Texas,” Jason Little, Melissa’s City Manager explained, “that should be anywhere around fourteen-thousand to sixteen-thousand people a day.”

The process of building the new gas station has not been an easy one, but the city of Melissa is excited about the new addition.

At a Melissa Council meeting held in May, the council approved the final plat and the final engineering site plan, as well as modified the previous site plan to adjust the parking area.

“People are excited about it,” Little said, “it took a long time, because the sight we had chosen had to work through some permitting issues with the United States Army Corp. of Engineers, so for a while there was a sense of ‘is it coming or not?’ But now, with it almost built, I think people are looking forward to it opening.”