The Melissa Schools Board of Trustees met Monday night at the Home Office to determine a new set of district goals for Melissa ISD. The trustees were joined by the Melissa Schools executive leadership team, campus administrators, and program directors.

This goal-setting workshop, also known as a Team of Eight Level II training for the school board, was facilitated by Blake Cooper from the Region 10 Education Service Center. Cooper is a retired school administrator and the former superintendent of Commerce ISD.

Superintendent Keith Murphy, Deputy Superintendent Robert Rich, and Kim Boedeker, Executive Director of Academic Leadership, led the meeting.

“We are going to immerse kids, top-to-bottom, on what it means to be a Cardinal and ‘the Cardinal way’,” said Murphy. “We are going to give them momentum.”

“We are a district where it’s always about the kids. Our goal is and should always be to provide kids with the best there is,” said George James, Board President.

The Board of Trustees will vote to approve the new district goals, once finalized and presented by the executive leadership team, at a future board meeting.