The Anna Independent School District School Board was nominated for a prestigious award — the HEB Excellence in Education Award for a Texas School Board of Trustees.

One might wonder why a grocery store is bestowing such a meritorious award to a school board. HEB Grocery is more than a mere grocery store. According to the website, “the HEB family is a strong supporter of Texas Public Education and our public school systems.”

The company shows their support through the Excellence in Education Awards Program. Every year, HEB awards over $700,000 to deserving school districts through their Excellence in Education Awards.

“Created in 2005, the HEB Excellence in Education Awards are designed to honor outstanding public school professionals and to thank them for their dedication and commitment. Through this program, HEB seeks to pay tribute to those educators who go the extra mile each and every day to serve their students and communities and who inspire others to do the same,” said the website.

One of the divisions of the HEB Excellence in Education Awards is to recognize any Texas School Board of Trustees who go above and beyond. This honor is to recognize boards that have demonstrated real leadership in the community it serves. The award has three basic criteria; academic and student progress within the district, identification of community needs and specific actions taken based on those needs, and new and creative ways for community engagement.

The Anna ISD Board of Trustees met the criteria set out for the awards and were nominated. The nominations for the awards are anonymous. If the Anna ISD is chosen as the winner, the ceremony will take place in May of 2019. The district will receive a grant award of between $5000 and $25000.

When the president of the Board of Trustees, Shelli Conway was notified about the nomination, she was ecstatic. “To my knowledge, this is a first,” Conway said. “We work extremely hard, alongside our fantastic administrators and staff, with the common goal of providing for every single one of our students and their education. We are honored to learn that someone took notice of what we are doing in Anna, and took the time to nominate us for this HEB award!”

Conway said everything they do is for the betterment of the children. “As a Board, we do our best to represent Anna and Anna ISD while making decisions that best suit the children,” Conway noted. “Being nominated for an award like this makes us so proud. If we win, the monetary award will go towards helping ‘our’ kids even more…and it will be an award that we all claim with great pride!”

The Anna Independent School District Board of Trustees are Shelli Conway- president, Rhonda Lewis - vice president, Larissa Thornburg – secretary, Jason Adams, Clark Miller, Paul Monty Renfro, Tiffany Terry, and Superintendent Michael Comeaux.