Anna High School and Band are celebrating this week. On Oct. 27, the Anna Coyote Band placed high enough in the Area competition to advance to the state competition. The band will compete on November 7 at the Alamodome in San Antonio.

The Anna High School Band Director, Justin Wallis, said the road to state competition is not always easy. “All 4A bands start the process at their Region UIL Marching Contest,” Wallis said. “Every band that earns the highest rating of Division 1 gets to go to the next round, UIL Area Marching Contest.”

Wallis said it depends on how many bands are in the competition reflects the number that will make the next round. “The number of bands at the Area contest determines the number of bands that advance to the UIL State Marching Band Championships,” Wallis stated. “They take 1 band for every 5 that qualify for Area. Our area had 26 bands qualify, therefore 5 bands were able to advance to the State Contest.”

At the Area competition, they use a specific process of elimination. “At the Area contest, the bands compete and are put in order by judges scoring,” Wallis said. “The top 10 advanced to finals. After another performance, the top 5 out of 10 get to advance to the State Contest, which included Anna this year!”

The band is heading to the State competition next week, and the process does not slow down, and they will have to bring their A game because this is the best of the best, Wallis said. “Now we are competing against the top bands from each Area,” Wallis said.

“There are 23 bands competing at the State Contest. The contest is run like Area. All bands will compete and the top 10 will advance to finals. Then the band that finishes first will be awarded the State Champion trophy. There are also trophies and medals for a 2nd and 3rd place,” Wallis said.

In the newsletter on the Anna Coyote Band website, Wallis congratulates the band on a job well done at the division level, beginning the band’s unstoppable march to state. “CONGRATULATIONS to the AHS Band for receiving our 9th Division 1 rating in a row at the UIL Region 25 marching contest! We’re SO excited about how this weekend went! The students performed better than this band has ever performed, and we can feel the excitement leading up to Area this weekend where it will be decided who advances to the STATE Marching Contest on Nov. 7th in San Antonio,” the website stated.