While most Texas residents will be voting for United States Representative and Governor, the city of Melissa has a local election to contend to. On November 6, Melissa residents will be voting to fill the vacancy of the City Council Place 6.

One of the residents who has thrown a proverbial hat in the ring is Shannon Sweat. Even though Sweat has lived in Melissa for six years, and twenty years in North Texas, she has traveled the world. Sweat said she has lived in Zimbabwe, South Africa and New Zealand.

Sweat said that she considers herself fortunate. “I am a Mom blessed with four dynamic young girls,” Sweat said. She is also “a small business owner currently operating 3 small businesses and working part-time marketing for Freedom Health Centers in McKinney.”

The city of Melissa and its future – along with her experience - is the reason she is running, Sweat said. “I have been serving in various capacities behind the scenes, both at the ISD level and within the city for a few years now,” Sweat said.

“I strongly feel motivated and encouraged to take it to the next level where I can be even more effective in serving all of Melissa,” Sweat continued. “I am passionate to preserve and promote our family community.”

Sweat said she is running for City Council for a few reasons. “I am running for council to continue to build our ISD-City relationship while promoting quality in our growth. I am running to promote quality in our growth with both the city and private ownership. I am small business friendly and will bring to the council a new perspective while representing all of Melissa.”

Not only does Sweat feel her behind the scenes experience will help her in office, but her twenty-five years of business experience will catapult her into an irreplaceable position. “I have years of business experience from Customer Service to Corporate Real Estate which encompassed legal, leasing and financial management of multi-million-dollar portfolio’s - both nationally & internationally; to the development and growth of a Biofuels Oil & Gas company serving as an Executive Founding Member and as Vice President of Operations and Logistics.”

“I have the leadership experience, entrepreneurial experience and I have made it a point to introduce myself to the current council members and staff at City Hall asking lots of questions on how the city operates; financially, logistically and otherwise and where we may better improve things for our citizens,” Sweat continued.

Sweat said she knows what it means to be part of a team and learning to compromise. “I know how to be a team player and sometimes that means not always agreeing with everyone but respecting our differences and standing up for what is true or right; even if it’s not the popular answer. I am honest, open-minded, eager to learn and willing to step up and serve on behalf of the people of Melissa.”

Even though Sweat has never served on a council before, she said her experience from being on committees at the Executive level in business will help her in office. “I have also attended numerous council work sessions and bi-weekly meetings over the past few years so my investment and interest in Melissa is not new.”

Sweat said moving the city of Melissa forward is her main goal. “If I am elected, I will serve to the best of my ability on all aspects of the council. I will continue to ask how we can improve, strive to better our communications with our citizens, continue to ask how we can lower costs for everyone in every aspect all the while continuing to promote quality in our growth with a bold vision for our future and our children’s future.”