The Melissa Independent School District dedicated the new high school on August 26. The Sunday event saw many excited families ready to tour the new facility.

Melissa ISD Superintendent Keith Murphy addressed the crowd by talking about the rings of influence.

“My team and I are here for the kids,” Murphy said. “I am proud to say that Melissa has strong positive influences on the community and the children.”

Murphy said he moved his children to Melissa specifically for the framework of the community influence.

The rapid growth of Melissa is astonishing, Murphy said.

“I have been in Melissa for a little over four years, and we have grown from 170 staff members to 360. That is more than doubled.” The student body has grown massively as well, he said. “We have grown from 1400 students to 3000 students – as of lunch on Friday,” Murphy said to a laughing crowd.

Murphy said he is a child advocate, it does not matter the situation.

“We will take your kids no matter what their needs might be. We want them to grow and succeed. I won’t put a lid on any student’s jar,” Murphy said.

Duke Sparks, the Director of Community Outreach, said people would question why he moved to Melissa, and to him, the answer is simple.

“When I first moved here eight years ago, I was always asked ‘why Melissa.’ It was such a big thing that shirts with the quote ‘We are Melissa’ were made as a rebuttal to the question,” Sparks said.

Sparks said he quickly learned that Melissa was a unique and close-knit he started replying “why not Melissa” when he was asked the age-old question. He told the congregation that the high school was made possible by the unified spirit of the Melissa community, council and school board.

The dedication ceremony had a little extra special surprise for the board. The Texas House of Representatives District 70 Scott Sanford was in the audience and approached the podium to announce the surprise.

“The State of Texas is taking note of Melissa ISD and all the awesome things they have been accomplishing,” Sanford told the board and guests. “The other day, we flew a flag over the capital to represent Melissa.”

Once Sanford explained the reason behind his visit, he presented the board with the flag and a certificate.

Kenneth Wooten, the Melissa High School Principal, addressed the congregation and said he was blessed to be there. “Even though the building of this facility has been a long journey, I am grateful for heart of the community.”

Wooten ended by thanking the school board, and home offices for their support of the children.