Melissa High School teachers began the move-in process to the brand-new high school on July 25. Teachers were helped by student volunteers and members of the community in moving in items.

The furniture company that is providing the desks and furniture for the school was at the school assembling those items for the teachers. Teachers were going back and forth between the old high school to the new building and getting all of their materials from their old classrooms.

Principal Kenneth Wooten says the furniture and classroom preparation will not all be complete until next week.

Wooten says that the entire community is filled with enthusiasm about the new school, not just all of the teachers and students that will be there.

“We are very excited,” Wooten said. “The community is excited, our parents, our kids, our staff. Just the newness of the facility and the energy that it brings, coupled with the design of our new school is somewhat like a university or college campus.”

The majority of classes will be taught in a four-story academic building, while there is a separate state of the art fine arts building, athletic facility and student union building for dining.

Wooten says that the district is in discussions with a new company to prepare the food for the students next year. They will be getting away from the federal program and moving toward more of a “common fast food” meal for students, along with many healthy options.

“We’ll have a smoothie and coffee bar,” Wooten said. “We’ll also have a stage area [in the student union building] where we can facilitate parent meetings.”

Wooten also added that they don’t plan on stopping here and is wanting to do more with the new school at some point. He says that they are excited to have the opportunity to add more in the future.

“Maybe in a year or two we might be breaking ground on finishing this thing out,” Wooten said.

The high school is still having some finishing touches put on it but will be finished by the time the 2018-2019 school year begins in August.