Most cities have a community library for the residents to utilize. Libraries offer the community more than just books made of paper and cardboard. Many libraries offer eBooks and audiobooks for the vision impaired.

A resident can also utilize the free computers and Wi-Fi offered. Besides reference books like do-it-yourself or self-help books, a community member can also take advantage of hands-on classes that the library offers.

A community library is also the hub of information for the city, offering information on current events and the like.

If an Anna resident wishes to utilize what a library has to offer, a car ride to Melissa or Van Alstyne is in their future. Anna does not currently have a community library or any type of library.

Some residents have come together to address the issue of no nearby libraries. Alexia Swanepoel moved to Anna four years ago from Frisco. Even though she is not on the Friends of the Library board, she lives to volunteer, Swanepoel said. “It is a great way to get to know people.”

Swanepoel said the idea for a library just came up in casual conversation.

“I was talking to some of my friends, and we were discussing how there is no library in Anna,” Swanepoel said.

“I casually mentioned how there was a community library run by volunteers in a country I lived in. Everybody loved the idea.”

A community library could have a huge impact on the community, Swanepoel said.

“A library is the heartbeat of the community. Anna ISD now has their students using Schoology – an online homework system – some students do not have internet or a computer at home.”

Swanepoel said that a library could unite the community by having classes and events and teach the youth of Anna how to volunteer. “Students can volunteer and earn service hours for various organizations.”

The idea snowballed, she said, and people are already donating books for the future library. Even though things are moving along, Swanepoel knows there is a long road ahead.

“We are being conservative with our expectations, but still have goals.”

The idea for the library is to bring people and community together, she said.

“My wish is for the library to join with different businesses in Anna for joint community events,” Swanepoel said. “My ultimate goal is to start a North Collin County Cultural Hub, where the libraries can be a consortium.”

Swanepoel said even though it is going to be a long haul, things are falling into place.

“We have an idea for a temporary location, but I can’t say much more about it because it is not definite yet.”