The Melissa Sports Facility was the scene of a video shoot for Nokona baseball gloves on Thursday, Aug. 16. The production was for the Bloomberg News series Made, which travels the world depicting how some of the most unique and sought-after products in the world are crafted. Producers for the Melissa filming were David Nicholson and Brian Schildhorn of the Bloomberg News digital department.

Handmade Nokona baseball gloves are crafted at the iconic Nokona factory in downtown Nocona, Tex. “We just spent the last couple of days there,” Nicholson said, “shooting the whole process, start to finish. They’ve been in business for 84 years.”

So why Melissa for this part of the story?

“The baseball fields were out of season in Nocona,” Nicholson said. “We wanted kind of a beautiful setting. [Brian] did some research.” That research led to Melissa’s still-new facility and ended with Cardinals head baseball coach Jason Russell getting a call days before shooting was to begin.

“It’s great exposure for everyone, for Melissa, for the complex, for our kids,” Russell said. “I thought it was just a neat situation when I got the phone call. I said we’d make it work. Our kids, they jumped on it. I think they’re having a great time.”

“This is a really, kind of stylized piece,” Nicholson said just before filming. “We like to have fun with it so we’re basically having these kids play with a bunch of gloves and we’re going to reconstruct kind of an intense baseball scene.” Later, Nicholson would call for the scoreboard to show a 1-run game in the bottom of the ninth inning.

Bloomberg’s Made series has been around for several years. These slick 6- to 9-minute video presentations have included, for instance: How A $300,000 Speaker Is Made; How Bespoke Italian Leather Shoes Are Made; and How High-End Knife Blades Are Made.

The first episode for this upcoming four-week season will air in early September on the Bloomberg website, its YouTube channel and across platforms like Hulu and Amazon. A new episode will appear each week. Besides Nokona gloves, this season will feature a carpet-maker in Sweden and guitars made in Spain.

“We don’t know what the fourth is yet,” Nicholson said. “Our episodes are all around the world.”

Senior Isaiah Segovia was one of 10 Melissa Cardinal players who took part in the filming.

“Coach Russell had a talk with us, letting us know,” he said. “Unfortunately, not everyone could be out here but we’re all excited because it’s the first thing we’ve done. It seemed like a lot of fun to be a part of.” As for the Cards’ home field being chosen by Bloomberg’s crew, Segovia said, “It feels awesome because we’re pretty small and we might get looked over sometimes. Getting a shot like this will put us up there more.”

Other Melissa players on hand were Hayden Schafer, David Terrill, Sam Crain, Sean Turnage, Grayson Hurst, JP Roland, Mason Perkins and Braden Jackson.

Filming began at about 6:30 p.m. To start the shoot, players were seated in the visitors’ dugout, looking over their Nokona gloves. Schafer was also filmed in front of the dugout taking big swings with a bat. They then moved onto the field - more than once to get the desired shot — and continued filming from their various positions. Hurst worked a good bit from the pitching mound as Shildhorn shot from multiple angles with a large body-mounted camera. Nicholson moved about the field with his hand-held camera, working with Terrell at third base, Crain in right and others. After about three hours, Bloomberg’s crew had what they needed.

Be sure to watch for Made — made in part this year in Melissa.