Anna Police Department Interim Police Chief Jeff Caponera was officially able to remove the interim term from his title. On July 3, Caponera was named Anna PD’s new chief of police.

At the bi-monthly Anna City Council meeting on July 10, Caponera was formally sworn in.

Collin County Judge Paul Raleeh did the ceremony by donning his ceremonial black robe and beginning the short recitation.

“It is an extreme honor to be the one to swear Caponera in,” Raleeh said to the meeting attendees. “Jeff and I have known each other for 15 or 20 years. We worked together years ago.”

His honor told the people they should be proud to have Caponera as chief.

“Anna and you are getting a gem with this man becoming chief,” Raleeh said.

After the introduction, Caponera began the process of becoming chief by raising his right hand and swearing to faithfully uphold his duties. Once Caponera swore to keep the city of Anna and her people in his best interests as chief, Raleeh officially named him Anna Police Chief.

“The papers have already been sealed and delivered to the city secretary,” Raleeh told Caponera. “However, here is your own copy of them.”

Interim City Manager Maurice Schwanke called Caponera’s wife Janna Caponera up to pin the chief badge on him.

“It is customary that the spouse or family member pins the new chief’s badge on them,” Schwanke said.

Janna Caponera proudly stepped up and pinned the badge on her husband with a big grin on her face.

The newly named chief addressed the citizens after the pinning ceremony, and told the people just what it meant to him to be named the city of Anna’s chief of police.

“Words cannot explain how I feel right now,” he said. “I am so honored to be standing here tonight.”

Caponera explained to the crowd how long he has been working towards being chief.

“This was 24 years in the making,” he began. “If somebody would have told me when I first started that I would be chief, I would have laughed.”

He plans on diving right in to keep the onward momentum of Anna going.

“I’m excited to get started and continue growing the police department,” he said. “We are poised to become a medium to large city in really short time. That in and of itself brings about many challenges. Right now my priority is getting the police department to a staffing level that’s going to be able to manage the growth. We must stay ahead of the growth in order to be effective and efficient. I will continue to work with city staff and council on technology projects that will help continue to build our community partnership.”

Council member Nathan Bryan said Caponera is a good for the city.

“I think we have a very good chief,” Bryan said. “He has done so much as just an interim for the city, we have been very pleased and it seems only a natural progression for us and Jeff.”