People all around the nation took time to celebrate the birth of the United States over the last few weeks. Local communities also held celebrations inviting families to see fireworks displays.

While Melissa held its annual Freedom Festival at the end of June, the city of Anna put on a fireworks show on the Fourth of July.

The free show held at Coyote Stadium in Anna began around 9:15 p.m. and brought people from Collin and Grayson counties to hear a live band and experience the 20-minute show.

Jennifer Sanchez, an Anna Boy Scout Troop 293 member, participated in the flag ceremony before the display started.

“I have three boys in the troop, and there are 27 members over all,” she said. “We do not shoot off fireworks ourselves now that we live in North Texas. We have family in Houston and we used to shoot them off down there. We like being up here for the Fourth of July. It is a lot nicer. We like being in a small town.”

Faith Swaeitzer, Cherie Lenox, Courtney Marks and Nicholas Morrison attended the Anna presentation. The group agreed that they believe that the day should be celebrated as a way to show appreciation to the soldiers that have fought for this country, as well as to show the faith that they have in the U.S.

It was Morrison’s first year attending the show in Anna since moving to McKinney from Grand Prairie in the last year.

“This is about the day we declared independence from Britain,” he said. “We were willing to commit high treason against the crown for the birth of this country.

Swaeitzer, Lenox, Marks and Morrison agreed that they enjoyed Anna’s fireworks.

“This holiday is about independence, our freedom and how we got our freedom,” Caleb Miller of Melissa said.

While Madison Hemingway of Anna likes to shoot of fireworks off outside of the city limits on the Fourth of July, she also attended Anna’s presentation.

“I love the way that the people of Anna come together for this because you really do not see that other than in football season,” Hemingway said. “That is always a fun part about it.”

She also said that it is important to recognize those who have served the country out of the kindness of their hearts.

David, Ethan, William, and Jennifer Weimer, all of Melissa, do not typically buy fireworks but enjoy watching displays.

“They go boom, so yes we enjoy them,” David Weimer said.