At the bi-monthly meeting, the city council welcomed the newest member to the fold. On June 16, Kevin Toten won the run-off election for seat one on the panel. At the June 26 city council meeting Toten was sworn in to his new position by Anna City Secretary Carrie Smith.

Once Toten was sworn in and assumed his position on the board, the quorum then set to appoint the new mayor pro tem, and deputy mayor pro tem. After Mayor Nathan Pike read the agenda item, council member Nathan Bryan immediately nominated council member Lee Miller for mayor pro tem. Without any hesitation, council member Alonzo Tutson seconded the nomination. The entire board agreed that Miller was the perfect candidate for the position.

When it was time to nominate the Deputy Mayor Pro Tem, Tutson piped up and nominated Bryan. The nomination was then instantly seconded by Toten. The following agenda items were to appoint members to various Anna boards and commissions – some members had expired terms and there were a few empty seats.

Pike started out by thanking the citizens of Anna for getting involved and being interested in the city government. “Thank you to everybody who submitted their applications,” Pike said. “We had twenty-eight applications for twelve spots. It is so good to see the citizens wanting to become involved. The boards are important to be a part of with all of the growth Anna has.”

Pike wanted to be able to take as much time as possibly allotted to comb through the applications. “We have so many good applicants, we should take our time to make sure we find the right fit for the positions.” The council took into consideration a few various qualifications for the open spots; things like experience, attendance while they were serving on a board, and how many years they have served.

After going through the applicants and allowing the ones present to approach the council and introduce themselves, the council appointed all open positions. Some remained the same, while some received new appointees. The Planning and Zoning board kept Don Callahan and Done Henke at place two and four respectively. While Leslie Voss was newly appointed to place six.

The council appointed Aubrey Johnson for place two and Ginny Finan for place four for the Parks and Recreation board. The Community Development Corporation and Economic Development Corporation appointed four members for the board. Doug Hermann was appointed place two, Bruce Norwood for place four Stan Carver for place five, and Shelby Miles for place six.

The council appointed Kelly Patterson and Brent Thomas to the Board of Adjustments place two and four, respectively. David Briggs was named as an alternate.