Anna residents are urged to take caution if they have received a notice about undelivered packages and they were not expecting a package.

A release by the city of Anna on June 20 said that some residents have been receiving notices about undelivered packages, but the notices are part of a marketing scheme by a company wanting to sell water filtration systems.

“The notices look like legitimate attempts at delivering packages, but in reality, are a ‘come-on’ for a sales pitch,”Assistant to the City Manager Jessica Perkins said in a press release. “We’ve received calls from several residents who were made to believe that a package was undeliverable. They innocently called the number only to realize that it was not what it purported to be.”

The release goes on to say that when individuals call the number on the notice about the alleged package, they are told false information about their water and water filter.

To find out information about Anna water, residents can contact the Anna Public Works Department and speak to the Water Superintendent Troy Hopkins. He can be reached at 972-924-4510.

“We value the opportunity to speak to residents about the water that is being delivered to their homes and businesses through our distribution system,” Public Works Director Joseph Johnson said in the release. “Our group is always available to reassure residents with regard to water quality and the steps that we take on a daily basis to ensure a safe and reliable water supply.”

The release by the city also said that residents should know that it is not illegal to mail marketing material to sell products, but “bait-and-switch” schemes can be prosecuted.

“The City of Anna does not endorse or sanction the sale or marketing of any product or service and any company that states that they have such endorsement may also be violating the law,” the release by the city said.

Hopkins can also be reached by email at