When you pull up to a little quaint house behind the fire department, you see cheerful flowers spread all over a yard. When you walk in the house, you are greeted by many memories hanging on the living room walls. Most importantly, you are greeted by the warmest smile and greatest sense of humor in Anna.

Georgia Mosier of Anna has been alive for almost an entire century. On June 2, Mosier will be celebrating her 99th birthday at the Anna United Methodist Church. Even though Mosier was not born in Anna, she moved to the community as soon as she could. “I was born between Kern and Corsicana,” Mosier said. “I graduated high school in 1938 and moved to Anna in 1940 — almost 79 years ago.”

Mosier said she is the oldest of eight children, five brothers and two sisters; five siblings are still living. Some siblings are close to her age, while others are not. “The oldest of the boys is only two years younger than me, he is about to be 97,” Mosier said. “However, my youngest brother is 22 years younger than me, and my youngest sister is 20 years younger.”

One of her sisters was born on her birthday, five years later, and it was something Mosier always held over her sister’s head. “I always told her that she knocked me off of my 5th birthday cake,” Mosier joked. Sadly, Mosier lost that sister almost a year ago in December on another of her sister’s birthdays.

Mosier also lost her husband to a number of health issues and has not dated in the 30 years since his death. “My husband died February 1988, three months before our 50th wedding anniversary. I have never dated since him because I know I will never find one like him. He was a special man.”

Mosier has three children, and had to deal with every parent’s nightmare — twice. “I lost both of my twin boys; one at the age of 43 to a heart attack, and the other at the age of 62,” Mosier said. “He had a stroke and then his heart gave out.” Mosier’s only living adult child is 74 and currently in a nursing home.

She has one heck of a family tree, Mosier said, with five generations of her family currently living. “I have 8 grand-kids, 14 great grandchildren and 3 great-great grandchildren,” she said. Tragically, Mosier lost her first grandson at the age of seven months to kidney cancer.

Even though Mosier has seen quite a bit of heartache in her 99 years, she said she is blessed. “There is nobody on this planet as blessed as I am,” Mosier said. “My family is a blessing with how much they help me.”

Deanna Doyle, Mosier’s granddaughter, visits her every day to help her in the house. “I live in Bonham, and used to come every day to help my mom. When she was put in a nursing home, I made sure to come by my granny’s house to help her,” Doyle said. She helps her clean house and assist with anything else Mosier might need.

Mosier said 9 years ago her brother blessed her with a house because the one she was living in was falling apart. “I was living in a house that was so old, it was leaning. After my roof caved in, my brother bought me this house.” The house was estimated to be 110 years old, Mosier said.

When Mosier asked why he was buying her a house that she could never pay back, she said he told her he was paying her back. “He said that I always took care of him, so it was his turn to return the favor.”

Her twin grandsons live with her, along with her great granddaughter who watches her like a hawk, Doyle said. Mosier’s nephew picks her up and brings her to church every Sunday — a church that she has attended since she moved to Anna almost 79 years ago.

Mosier said growing old is a challenge, but there are even bigger challenges in life. “The hardest things in life is accepting old age. Lucky for me, I haven’t accepted that yet,” Mosier said with a smile. She also thinks she has been around this long for a reason. “I know why I’m still here,” Mosier said teasingly. “Neither God nor the Devil want me; they’re arguing about who gets to put up with me.”

With all the blessings and tribulations that Mosier has encountered, she looks at life with a gleam in her eye and the Lord in her heart. She also carries a message for today’s youth. “They need to straighten themselves out. They’re slobs and always want to go-go-go. They need to get right with the Lord,” Mosier said.

Mosier said she enjoys working outside with her flowers. Her family is planning a birthday bash for Mosier on Saturday, June 2. Doyle said everybody is welcomed to come and wish Mosier Happy Birthday. “She doesn’t want gifts,” Doyle said, “but you can bring a card. She loves getting cards.”