With less than a year remaining on the seat, the Anna City Council decided to appoint Alonzo Tutson to the recently vacated Place 2 seat at the bi-monthly meeting rather than hold expensive back-to-back elections around the time of the runoff.

After reviewing all applicants and deliberating for some time, the council made their decision.

Mayor Nate Pike addressed the citizens and said it was a decision the council did not take lightly. “First off, I want to thank everybody who voiced their interest in Seat 2,” Pike said. “This was not a decision we took lightly. After deliberating, we decided to appoint Alonzo Tutson to the empty seat.”

City council member Nathan Bryan said even though the decision was discussed for a bit, it seemed like a no-brainer on who the right person was to fill the seat.

“Alonzo has been involved with the city for a long time,” Bryan said. “He has served on the Community Development Corporation and Economic Development Corporation for over seven years and is currently the president of the CDC.”

Tutson said that the reason the seat became open was not a happy one. “First, I would like to say my thoughts and prayers are with councilman Martinez and his family,” he said.

He added that the entire appointment is an amazing feeling. “To my family, thank you for all of your support,” Tutson said. “I am very humbled to have been unanimously appointed to the council.”

Tutson said he is grateful for the council members. “For councilman Reeves to make the motion was a sign of his character,” Tutson said. “We got an opportunity to get to know each other during the campaign in November. He and I share most of the same views on making a great city even better. Community involvement is key.”

Tutson said he is ready to strap his work boots on and dig in.

“Mayor Pike and my fellow council members, I am ready to get to work. I will rely on your experiences and knowledge to get me up to speed,” he said.

Tutson said he will serve to the best of his ability. “To the residents of Anna, I will serve with the same zeal and dedication as I have on the Community Development and Economic Development Corporation Boards. Any questions, concerns, input or suggestions my door is always open.”

Not all positions were solved by appointment, as the primary run-off elections for Collin County also occured on May 22. Jim Pikl won the Democratic Justice Court of Appeals district 5 precinct 12 with 71 percent. The Republican Justice of the Peace Precinct 2 was taken by Jerry Shaffer by almost 500 votes.

Lupe Valdez barely took the lead for Democratic Governor by 1,556 votes. The Democrat Precinct chair for Precinct 131 was Beatriz McKnight by 52 percent.

Lorie Burch took the Democrat US Representative District 3 by 75 percent. The Democratic US Representative District 32 was taken by Colin Allred by almost 400 votes.