While the May 5 local elections saw no seats changing hands for the Anna Independent School Board and Mayor Nate Pike ran unopposed, the race was less determined for the Anna City Council. The vote was split between the six candidates running for Place 1 — incumbent Justin Burr, Stan Carver, Kevin Toten, Anthony Richardson, Bill Morgan and John Houcek — resulting in an impending runoff election between candidates Carver and Toten to be held on June 16.

With candidates needing at least 50 percent of the vote to be elected to their position, Carver earned 27.6 percent of the vote with 114 votes to Toten’s 100 votes at 24.2 percent, showing a split decision among the citizens of Anna. A total of 413 people came out to vote for a Place 1 candidate. Incumbent Burr earned had 19 percent of the vote with 79 votes cast in his favor; Richardson earned a close fourth with 73 votes for 17 percent; Morgan earned 33 votes for 8 percent; and Houcek picked up 14 votes for 3 percent.

While the county elections took place on May 22, the City of Anna will hold a runoff election for Carver and Toten on June 16 to determine Place 1 on the Anna City Council. Early voting will take place from June 4 through June 12 at Anna City Hall, while the polls will be open on election day from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

“Our number one concern is and needs to be getting a city manager hired to help lead our already great staff,” said Toten on the biggest challenge concerning the city. “This is here is important for all reasons. The city manager can also help us find a police chief. They would be a big part of the negotiations and over seeing the construction of our city hall. A good city manager can help us bring the right kind of businesses into Anna. This will help increase our commercial tax revenue. In turn we can afford to get more police on staff.”

“First and foremost, I want to ease the financial burden on our residents,” Carver said. “As Anna’s housing market advances, the demands on our infrastructure, city services and schools also has to expand to accommodate the newcomers. It is absolutely necessary to expand our retail presence on our economic corridors especially along Hwy 75, Hwy 121, and the Outer Loop. The influx of sales tax from passers-by purchasing our merchandise and eating at our restaurants directly offsets the rise in demand of our property tax dollar. … My goal is to present Anna in a light that allows valued mercantile to see the allure of our potential and bring their businesses here. The attraction of this new business will also create jobs which will reduce the number of commuters on our roadways and retain our resident’s spending at our restaurants and service centers.”

“I hope to get more people involved in the city — have more people come to city council meetings so they can get out to their neighbors the happenings in Anna,” said Toten on his other plans for office should he win the election. “I’d like to refresh our boards and get different people on them. Nothing against the current members, but we need some new and different voices. I also want to see more parks done by the developer and not the city. The developers need to be held to a higher standard in building better neighborhoods. We are behind in parks and sports in Anna. Our kids have to go to neighboring city’s to play sports. We need more fields for all sports and we need them to be nice.”

“I have a strong desire to expand our civic amenities,” Carver said. “While our city government is making decisions to handle the population growth like infrastructure and roadways, we must maintain that our primary focus is always what is best for the people. We must have opportunities to gather as a community in a recreational manner. Study after study proves that quality of life that a city provides directly influences the perception of those that live there.”

“I’m the most qualified because I’m something new. I bring a different look at things and common sense,” said Toten on why he should be elected. “I will be asking all the questions that no one else wants to. I will fight hard for the citizens because they are my friends and family. Just as a normal resident, I have accomplished a lot in just my neighborhood alone. I want to do that for Anna. So on June 16 remember to vote for Kevin Toten for Anna City Council Place 1. I wont let you down.”

“Ultimately, I am for a healthy community with strong, stable families and a genuine since of loyalty, pride, and neighborly-kindness whose values are expressed through the quality of life in Anna,” said Carver. “I ask that you vote for me to represent the community’s best interests and insure that we leave a legacy for future generations at this critical point in time. Anna deserves a bright future!”

Anna City Hall is located at 101 S Powell Pkwy. The elected candidate will join the Anna City Council along with Mayor Pike, Place 2 Rene Martinez, Place 3 John Beazley, Place 4 Chris Reeves, Place 5 Nathan Bryan and Place 6 Lee Miller.