At the bimonthly city council meeting on Tuesday, May 8, the Anna City Council voted to approve a temporary location for the Anna Fire Department. Anna Chief Administrative Officer Jessica Perkins approached the council to discuss the need to move the fire department to a temporary location while the current location undergoes construction.

“As a part of our municipal facilities project, it is necessary to temporarily relocate the fire department,” Perkins said. “Staff scoured the area looking for the best alternative location. The property at 709 North Powell Parkway was the best fit for our needs and geographically close.”

Perkins noted that the possible location already had some of the characteristics needed for the department. “The property is zoned as commercial,” she said. “The building is a single story 2120 square foot building conveniently located on Highway 5/Powell Parkway.”

“The property has a large reception area surrounded by two open workspaces. There are three private offices, a full kitchen, and several storage closets,” Powell said. The building also sits on a one-acre lot with a few parking spaces, including a handicapped spot.

The location also has room for expansion, Perkins said. “There is an additional four acres behind the office building where we will erect a garage structure to house the fire department apparatus.”

The council approved the motion.

Another agenda item for the council was asking for the boundary line between Anna and Melissa to be adjusted. Interim city manager and director of planning and development Maurice Schwanke said the adjustment would center the boundary line.

“Currently there is a boundary line that separates Anna’s southern growth area from Melissa’s northern growth area,” Schwanke said. “Provisions in the Texas Local Government Code allow cities to adjust common borders and planning areas. For some time, the cities have been discussing a change in that boundary that would redraw the boundary line so that it matches the centerline of the Collin County Outer Loop, also called the “Outer Loop Boundary.”

Even though it will be years before the cities extend their city limits, both Anna and Melissa agreed that the new division line is a logical one, Schwanke said.

“The cities desire to make this adjustment now so that their respective future land use, law enforcement and other regulatory responsibilities can be planned around the Outer Loop Boundary,” he said. “The cities have agreed that this is a logical dividing line so that each city will be able to confine its regulatory responsibilities to one side of this major regional thoroughfare. The agreement would officially memorialize the boundary adjustment and it would be submitted to Collin County to place the general public on notice of the new boundary.”

Schwanke said this agreement will take some give and take on both sides. “The Outer Loop Boundary set forth in the Agreement does not depart substantially from the existing boundary line. However, in order to make the adjustment, the Agreement will require both Anna and Melissa to relinquish relatively small portions of their existing growth areas in exchange for gaining other areas,” he said.

“The areas that Anna will relinquish are south of the Outer Loop Boundary, and the areas that it will gain are north of the Outer Loop Boundary,” Schwanke continued. “Part of the agreement will include three features; the cities’ respective growth areas would automatically adjust to be in line with the Collin County Outer Loop if the centerline of the Outer Loop Right of Way were to be adjusted within any part of the ROW; the cities are agreeing to concurrently adjust the dividing line between their respective water and/or sewer certificates of convenience and necessity to be the same as the Outer Loop Boundary; and a reservation is included to make it clear that Anna is not relinquishing any right or title in the Clements Creek sewer line that it owns and uses to transport sewage to the south and ultimately into the North Texas Municipal Water District’s sewage treatment facilities.”

According to Schwanke, the school districts are aware of the proposed adjustments and have adjusted their boundaries accordingly to be consistent with the proposed municipal boundaries.