Rene Martinez, Anna City Council Place 2, resigned from his position on Tuesday, May 8, at the bi-monthly Anna City Council meeting. Martinez has served in his position for almost three years. His resignation leaves the seat with just under a year left to serve.

Anna mayor Nate Pike said he hated to see Martinez go, but understood his reasons.

“It is with great sadness that the council accepts Rene’s resignation,” Pike said. “However, we understand that due to health issues, he must.”

Pike commended Martinez on his dedication to the council and the City of Anna.

“Rene was extremely dedicated to his position and the city,” Pike said. “He came to the meetings even when he wasn’t feeling well and his health didn’t want to cooperate. Please pray and send Rene positive thoughts.”

The mayor and city council compared the pros and cons of hosting another special election or just appoint a council member to sit out the remainder of the seat’s time.

“It costs the residents $7,000 every time an election is held,” Pike said. “Since Proposition B was voted in, we don’t have to hold a special election to fill the empty seat.”

Pike explained to the residents that since the vacant seat has less than 12 months until it expires, then the council can appoint somebody to fill the void. The council voted and agreed to appoint somebody instead of holding another election. However, they will wait till after the votes for Place 1 are canvassed.

The mayor said the appointment is serious business, and not something to take lightly.

“I don’t think we should appoint just anybody in the position,” he said. “I believe we should take a little bit of time to decide on the right, qualified candidate.”

The council will use a committee to decide on the best person for the job. Pike and council members Nathan Bryan and Lee Miller will form the committee.

This is not the only position that has recently seen a vacancy.

Back in January the Anna City Council voted for a temporary contract to name Bill Shipp interim city manager following his recommendation from Texas First Group — a placement agency that specializes in filling temporary or interim municipal official positions — due to his prior experience.

At the city council meeting that met at the end of April, Shipp announced his resignation, thus making Anna Director of Planning and Development Maurice Schwanke the interim city manager again. Chief City Administrative Officer Jessica Perkins said the search for a permanent city manager will begin soon.

“The city council is working with SGR [Strategic Government Resource] on an agreement to begin the search for a city manager,” Perkins said.

Strategic Government Resource claims to have highly qualified local government professionals in the many facets of municipality officials. These include city managers, city attorneys, city secretaries, police and fire chiefs, community development, finance, HR, library, parks and recreation, public works and utility directors, planners and engineers available for interim management assignments.