The election is over, the votes have been tallied and the residents have spoken for the people of Anna.

The Anna Independent School Board had three places up for election, with none of the seats changing hands. Tiffany Terry kept Place 1 with 69% of the votes.

Jason Adams kept his spot on Place 2 with 48% of the votes, with Allison Carver pulling in a tight second place with 38% of the votes. Paul Renfro kept his Place 6 with 63% of the residents’ votes.

Terry said she is honored with the results. “Being appointed to the board was amazing, but being voted in by the citizens in the town I love so much is an honor,” she said.

Mayor Nate Pike ran unopposed and will hold his seat for three more years.

The race for Place 1 on the city council was not so cut and dry. Justin Burr, Stan Carver, Kevin Toten, Anthony Richardson, Bill Morgan and John Houcek all ran for Place 1. After the votes were tallied, it was determined there will be a runoff vote between Carver and Toten. A total of 216 citizens voted for a Place 1 canddiate.

Carver garnered 28 percent of the votes while Toten received 24 percent. The City of Anna will hold a runoff election for Carver and Toten on June 16 to determine Place 1.

Toten said he figured it would come down to him and Carver. “From the start, I knew it would come to Carver vs. Toten,” he said. “Now it’s time to get to work and make sure Anna knows who they are voting for and what they want for their city.”

Carver said he appreciates the residents voting. “I am grateful for the citizens who took the time to vote — to exercise their civic duty. I look forward to the victory… We have much to accomplish for this great city.”

Additionally, all prospositions A-E were voted in.