The fourth annual YC3 Comic Con at the Amarillo Civic Center was everything Chris Anderson, YC3 co-founder and board member, wanted it to be.

"The weekend has been incredible! I'm pretty sure our numbers have been through the roof this year," he said. "The feedback has been incredible, our vendors are happy, our guests are happy, our celebrities are happy -- it's amazing."

It was a weekend of fun, celebrities, games, shopping and of course, costumes.

Dustin Hampton, who dressed as Deadpool, was at the convention all three days.

"I've seen a lot of cool people," he said. "This is awesome! You get to dress up and people get to take pictures with you."

Jasmine Rees, also attended each day of the convention but she dressed as a different character for each occasion.

"I was Mary Jane (from Spiderman) the first day, I was a Powerpuff Girl, Blossom, the second day and (today) I'm Harley (Quinn)," she said. "I love Comic Con ... because I get to dress up ... and there are so many awesome, interesting people that you meet -- we just danced with a panther!"

Rees said she has been to the convention two of the four years it's been in Amarillo. She said highlights from this year were the return of the Neko Neko Maid Cafe and meeting voice actor Tom Kane, Professor Utonium on the Powerpuff Girls. 

"It was amazing! We got pictures with him and everything. I didn't know it was his birthday -- we found out and we brought him a cup cake. He was so happy about it," she said of meeting Kane. "(And) I really love the Neko Neko Cafe! I think it's adorable and I love the little shows they put on and everything. It's really cool and interactive."

Feedback like Rees' is exactly why the Neko Neko Maid and Host Club returned to Amarillo for the second year in a row.

"The most important thing to us is the audience and making sure everybody has a good time. We're all about interaction,"said Hiera Wyche, Neko Neko media manager and director of Neko Squared Productions. "We just really love the people here. It's been a really wonderful experience for us to be able to come here. Everyone is so friendly and it's a fun place to try out new things."

With great anticipation, Anderson said the planning for next year's Comic Con, which benefits the Children’s Miracle Network in Amarillo, already began months ago.

"If you didn't make it, you missed an incredible show but we will be back next year, bigger and better," he said.