Last September, fourteen community members embarked on a journey to learn more about Anna ISD. The Anna ISD Ambassador Academy was implemented this school year to serve as an instrument through which interested citizens of the community learned about the roles and responsibilities of a school board member to gain a better understanding of public school operations and the issues schools face, specifically tailored to Anna ISD. After seven months of attending five evening sessions, these learners are now Anna ISD ambassadors.

On April 9, the academy members and their families joined Anna ISD board members and district administration for a celebratory dinner and graduation.

School Board Secretary Rhonda Lewis addressed the ambassador graduates. “We have enjoyed getting to know you,” she said. “We have appreciated your candid feedback and attentiveness throughout this academy, and we are thankful for the time you took away from your families to learn about Anna ISD.”

The graduates were recognized and presented with an engraved box and pen set at the graduation program, honoring each person for completing the 2018 Ambassador Academy. Deputy Superintendent Thomas O’Neal thanked the graduates and encouraged them to stay connected to the District.

Kevin Hall, an ambassador graduate, said, “It has been a pleasure to be a part of the inaugural Anna ISD Ambassador Academy. Over these past few months, our understanding of how the ISD works to better our students, teachers and staff have been enlightening. These include the finances of the school district and how they can account for every penny that they receive and spend across the district. We also met with the school’s Board of Trustees and saw how much time and effort they give to our district outside of their regular monthly meetings. As the Greater Anna Chamber of Commerce Executive Director, I feel this Ambassador Academy has equipped me with the knowledge about Anna ISD with which I can give insight to our current and future students, residents, and workforce on the many opportunities inside Anna ISD. This includes their every growing Career and Technical Education department. Thank you to Anna ISD for the opportunity to learn more about the school district, and I look forward to continuing to connect Anna ISD with our community.”

Melane Woodbury, public relations officer for Anna ISD said, “As reflected in the exit surveys, our first Ambassador Academy proved to be a success, and we look forward to continuing this new tradition in years to come. It is important for our district to build deeper relationships with members of our community and I feel this academy is a great opportunity to do that.”

2018 Anna ISD Ambassadors

Suzanne Bernhard

Terry Billups

Blanca Dickinson

Kevin Hall

Susan Hayes

Lashardar Jarvis-Wells

Donald Nutt

Dawn Redwine

Monty Renfro

Anthony Richardson

Kimberly Ruiz-Demaree

Tiffany Terry

Jennifer Tissue

Monica Wilson