While Tuesday, March 6 was election day for the primaries for Senate, House, governor and lieutenant governor, it was also a crucial night for local cities. The polls have been closed and the votes have been tallied.

Chris Hill took the Republican primary for the Collin County Judge position by 63 percent and will be facing Democrat Danyell Lanier, who ran unopposed, in the spring election.

Lieutenant Governor had Republican Dan Patrick and Democrat Mike Collier both vying for the position. Patrick took the primary with 76 percent and Collier won his with 53 percent of the vote

The race for State Senate District 30 will see Republican Pat Fallon go toe-to-toe with Democrat Kevin Lopez. Fallon took the republican primary with 63 percent while Lopez ran unopposed.

Republican Darrell Hale took the County Commissioner Precinct 3 primaries with 55 percent of the vote and Democrat David Azad ran uncontested.

The race for both U.S. senator primaries were somewhat lopsided. Republican Ted Cruz won by 85 percent in a bid to keep his seat. Cruz will be facing Beto O’Rourke in the November election as O’Rourke won the Democrat primary with 60 percent of the vote.

Incumbent Greg Abbott won the Republican governor primary by a whopping 90 percent. However, the Democratic primary was sent to a run-off. Lupe Valdez had 43 percent and Andrew White had 28 percent. The run-off election for the Democratic nominee will take place on May 22.

“Texas has a runoff primary system, meaning that if any candidate fails to win a majority of the votes, the top two will face a runoff election on May 22,” CBS News reported. “Some of the Democrats’ energy is reflected in the number of candidates running. For the first time in a quarter of a century in Texas, there’s a Democrat running for all 36 congressional seats. And Democrats are expected to pick up some vulnerable seats from Republicans.”